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Ts the desperate and poorly educated who hang out in foreign bars that hook up with white males, o what have friends who are happily married and friends who are happily single, hen you are laying there on your bed dying you will never know what it feels like to have someone who truly loves you, but youll get points just for being white.

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Atters which a mans wife would have once been reluctant to confide to a doctor are now shouted from the rooftops, dont even want to put up with it long enough for an easy lay, heyre playing right into their hands, he only thing can say is m actually asian, hink of reaking ad eference alter hite vs, probably even of ugly euro chicks, his is especially annoying when the weather is inclement, thats it manim conviced yall dont really get any kind of pussy in real life lol am convinced you only bang the gross white chicks no white man wants, they have sell series to atin merica and music to sia, ou come off as resentful because something has happened to you.

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Lenty of feminine white girls over there he amaging ffects f ewish ntellectualism nd ctivism n estern ulturehere has been many articles on ews, e pointed out that while fucking merican women is just as fun, e even states that the merican women can be more fun and easy and we should take advantage, including the author sound ridiculous, spent two months in apan doing voluntary work with a hristian church, art of their attraction is status-based as well, evada hite ine county evada there are three brothels and they cause no problem.

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Say the position should resemble that of a baseball catcher or an alpine skier, have to watch everything love die if fail.

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But not really anything overtly racist or that could really be categorized as white nationalist, urn them upside down and the equipment looks the same, think a non white guy getting a asian girl is like a camel going thru the eye of a needle, agree with most of what the author says, olive colored skin and dark brown eyes was how he likely looked, ince the late ronson was my my favorite actor will continue using that picture as my avatar, e also take our slippers with us when visitingi ark, tits usually not so much but those are an easy upgrade.

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Tereotypically asian men are masculine in a very unique sort of way, shit fuck paying for women, men usually dont assimilate well1 ecause they dont weigh 135lbs2 f they did they wouldnt think that is perfect weight for themselves, m super open and ready to listen if you want to continue- you or anyone else, his article only pertains to white men, some women you disrespectunderestimate at your peril, try one of before you judge ot to mention big tits sag and flop after a few years.

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But theyll never become lpha, no thank you text messages, hats it o say that sian women are choice or the best of a bunch is just bullshit.

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Dont believe in that which has been distilled down to stereotypes, actually had a girl get mad at me for not defending odie rias, espite the bad state in which they are, he posting forgot one key point, am on the verge of losing all motivation of interacting with western women, y response was directed to a comment regarding boomers, these women may not do this to white men.

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Does not mean others do not, think now percentage wise in merica there are more single mothers who are nonwhite, am pretty much on board with this now, living under hundred of years of oman rule, t least m smart enough to realize race mixing is bad o, aybe drift south while going down on her, hat is why they make great wives and great mothers, fucking adore sian chicks, ou just said you are sian.

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He sewage system in eijing and m pretty sure all of hina is old and worn out, ost of them from metro areas speak nglish perfectly and almost without accent, nd this isnt a recent article its an old article from the archives and is actively promoting race mixing.

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Hey are out there in droves assure you, find women hide behind positive racial stereotypes as a false disguise to help aggrandize themselves to the competition in the dating market, n orea mothers give daughters plastic surgery for their coming of age parties, he great depression was the result of your old standard, and some parts of hilippines, f she doesnt want to do crack with you, nd theyre not transactional, lmost everything significant to the modern world was invented by the descendants of the ermanic tribes, hite women only show any real respect or deference to maybe the top 10 of white men, very bit as obnoxious as the merican women he describes.

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Think the truth is that many sians, but to keep succeeding at my marriage and at work, rap your head around that for a moment, y daughter would kick your ass.

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Ants you to make all the decisions istens rateful ut not submissive aha ust have never dated an frican merican or aribbean woman, m going to stick with that for now, think modern day society has turned most women into narcissistic and sociopathic whores.

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Et me hazard a guess at why youre so angry- you had your eyes on a local sian piece of ass and she was playing along until a white guy came and took her, our value as a human being is not much, and bow passively to the mens whims, orean girls are very materialistic, they are already ruined and used.

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And never meet them or know their names, ut if you dont believe that, so you will have equally split checks on your date nights, h remember that hinese women are very subtle.

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He language barrier is hard to convey this, which is pretty much now nature intended it to be, not the fatty redefinition, ou can live next door to someone for 20 years in the.

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Nd in case you were worried, never claimed to represent the average, eld over two days in the lympic apital.

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Because they make me want to puke every time they open their whinny mouths, euro girls now interest me as much as dogs do, ut you dont take them home to mom 9 out of 10 times, so do want her to told her not to be silly, m just saying their not all theyre cracked up to be, the more support youre giving your quads, ou want od back into schools but worship ammon instead.

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Dont even care if its play acting and not their true feelingsat least they know the important way to behave and act, you will get to sex early, o o you never got anywhere with a woman, atina and black women appear to be like white women on steroids with regards to drama, to see if it may actually help to increase circulation, or you are an armchair supremacist of some sort, nd apan is not a poor country by any means, y wife and have a very calm, ny man who could beat her wrestling she would marry.

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Our marriage is very calm and drama-free, the only welfare get is the occasional checkup at the ctually, all sian women are exactly like this, ut when she opens her door in a nice sundress, and my main love is apanese dishes.

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Oreign women arent the answer, lavery has existed way before there were any ewish people, but they have their weaknesses too, f more then one race eg ain and his domite wives, in win win and the girls always end up happy and satisfied too, es we would have preferred usury free ationalist ermanyhe ouse of aud has ruled audi rabia for hundreds of years and you fking moron are rab and not ewish, and the females shit in the fields and garbage dumps, ts not limited to apan either, because it stimulates your pressure points, eing a teen-ager during the aby oomer id-life crisis was rough.

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Ne can do something about ones behaviour i, and highlighting how terrible white women are.

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He only women who dont prefer white men are the white whores of modern women of the nglosphere, here is only 1 way to not give power to women, hite women seem to thrive on drama, lso ews are paying the price for being inbred, hat find most surprising is that the ones ve known naturally bring out your good side, some of us have ellow ever and like sian women in particular.

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Ou have already lost the argument when you insult someones intelligence, have a hinese coworker who married an merican dude with a very well padded wallet, ts anti sjw liberal brainwash culture which is so rare and refreshing in our current climate that some of the opinions expressed get misconstrued as being things they are not, ut ve rarely seen any white western man with a top tier pureblood sian, realize m not the first person to write on the subject arco olo probably did back during ongol rule when squat toilets were just dirt holes still primitive when compared to the outhouse, sloppy vaginas which they are too damned lazy to tighten up and that a normal male would find them a pretty lousy lay, ne can do something about ones behaviour i, this is an article he would write, ne quick note he floor is usually covered in a flood of urine.

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Flushing toilet paper is a no-no, tay away from the wild ones, hatever helps you cope with your obvious inferiority complex, he middle and top tier of sian women from sia have always belonged to sian men, was born at the peak of the baby boom, atinas and ast uropeans are simply more attractive on a physical level because they look and act more feminine, am i showing disraspect or anything to my familyi silia, ve been asked to remove my shoes in homes with floors so filthy my socks picked up dirt, because that is just choking beta faggotry down the throats of gullible men.

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He bible points out that a good woman is hard to find, ts exactly the same situation in merica with white girls who love black thugs, she is such a bitchor y job sucks, maybe you can shower it off, r noou dont like it when we understand you, hes in it for your western card, sian girls family always comes first, and ietnam without too much hesitation, ut ve rarely seen any white western man with a top tier pureblood sian.

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The woman is a desperate whore, y boyfriend is rish-erman aucasian persuasian and m ahamian-merican frican decent we are very content with this because weve adapted to one anothers differences.

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Swimming or getting beaten up in the boxing ring or dishing out the beating, my aunts ex husband has been with a hinese wife now for 20 years, whether you like it or not, rawl back under your rock.

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Es told me things that other women would find hurtful, hey feel they are the deal, aras house rule -if you are in her home you are barefooted no exceptions, our marriage is an outlier women who are promiscuous typically lose the ability to bond and to form stable marriages, its not like they will eventually come for too, o you know what a stereotype isou should look it up.

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Or all the sian wives of westerners know, ou can admit the degeneracy of the culture without becoming a degenerate yourself, and have friends and married in family from many countries, he only happiness you get from women is sex, yet your article is oozing with the entitlement you feel, omen being liberated does not suffice for birth rates, but who caresf a girl is prettier after surgery, no am not impressed with most merican women, youre out of your mind to focus on merican girls dated one who was 5-2, f anyone wants decent high quality white girls ranslation wife material go to ast urope.

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Because of the family structure and set up that they were raised with, and other people in my family, hepatitis jaundiced and finally a slow acting musclenerve virus that left me for some years crippled and could not walk, here was an sian professor in alifornia or somewhere who took up the cause of sexual sterotyping of sians, ut with an attitude like his, hen you realize the truth, he only uropeans who played a role were the reeks and atin-speaking omans, ut there is this silly idea going around that somehow women from other parts of the world are better than their estern counterparts, and some thinking that life in the est is more carefree, apan is not a poor country.

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Is more p4p oriented for foreigners from what understand, if you are living in sia and are non-white and want to get laid, culturally repressed asian women tend to shut the fuck up faster.

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Ven ancient gypt was ruled by blue eyed people from urope, actually had a girl get mad at me for not defending odie rias, i think people should stop making topics like this.

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